Columbia University Protests of 1968 (Part 5)

Posted: Aug 30, 2009

1969 Watch the full film: The Columbia University protests of 1968 were among the many student demonstrations that occurred around the world in that year. The Columbia protests erupted over the Spring of that year after students discovered links between the university and the institutional apparatus supporting the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as their concern over an allegedly segregatory gymnasium to be constructed in the nearby Morningside Park. The protests resulted in the student occupation of many university buildings and their eventual violent removal by the New York City Police Department. * A. Bruce Goldman * Columbia University * Grayson L. Kirk * David Truman * Hamilton Hall * Institute for Defense Analyses * Low Memorial Library * Morningside Park * Students for a Democratic Society * Protests of 1968 activists American empire anti-imperialist anticolonial antiwar movement Bernardine Dohrn Bill Ayers black movement black nationalism black nationalist Black Panther newspaper Black Panther Party Black Power Bob Avakian Bobby Seale Bread and Roses Carl Oglesby Cathy Wilkerson Charles Manson Chicago civil rights movement class struggle COINTELPRO David Barber Days of Rage Dominican Republic Eldridge Cleaver ERAP Fred Hampton gender roles Havana Hot Town Huey Newton International Women's Day James Baldwin James Forman James Gang Jeanette Rankin Jo Freeman Julius Lester Kathleen Cleaver Kathy Boudin Lai massacre Left and Feminism Left Notes Leftists Liberation News Service male chauvinism male supremacy March Against Death Marge Piercy Mark Rudd Marxism-Leninism Marxist Mike James Miss America Mississippi monogamy Naomi Weisstein Nation of Islam Old Left Paul Booth Port Huron Statement Progressive Labor Party Rachel Blau DuPlessis racism radical feminism radical feminists Revolutionary Youth Movement Robin Morgan Sandy Springs Sara Evans SDS's SDSers Shulamith Firestone SNCC Sojourner Truth Organization Stokely Carmichael Susan Stern Terry Robbins Tet Offensive Third World Todd Gitlin Vietcong Vietnam Vietnamese Weather Underground Weatherman white Americans white movement white privilege white skin privilege white supremacy women's liberation movement women's movement York Radical Women