Batman Arkham Origins - Pioneer's Bridge - All Enigma Datapacks / Extortion Files Locations

Posted: Oct 28, 2013

A Batman Arkham Origins video guide for all Enigma's Datapacks. Extortion Files 11 & 12 are at Pioneer's Bridge. 20 datapacks are spread inside and out of the bridge. Pioneer's Bridge contains a total of 20 datapacks. 10 on the exterior and an additional 10 on the interior. You cannot access the interior until late in the game. Enigma has 20 Extortion Files that he is threatening to release. In order to prevent this, you must collect all of the pieces that compose each file. Each Extortion File consists of 10 Datapacks for a total of 200 pieces that are hidden around Gotham City. Collect a full set to decipher the file. For each Extortion File, there is an Enigma Data Handler, who reveals the locations of the 10 DataPacks when interrogated. Check out our full Batman Arkham Origins video guides! Full playlist here: @0:09