Laetitia Casta

Posted: Nov 1, 2010

A film by Thierry Binisti
starring: Laetitia Casta as Lea Delmas
Georges Corraface as Francois Tavernier, Lea's lover Virgile Bayle as Laurent d'Argilat, the lover whom Lea dreams of
Silvia De Santis as Camille Nerac, the Laurent's wife, Lea's friend
Francois Marthouret as Pierre Delmas, the Lea's father
Jean-Claude Brialy as Raphael Mahl, the Lea's friend
Nathalie Boutefeu as Francoise Delmas, the Lea's sister
Stephane Audran as Lisa Montpleynet, the Lea's aunt
Pierre-Loup Rajot as Fiaux, the collaborator with the Germans
Jacques Spiesser as Adrien Delmas, the priest
Jauris Casanova as Mathias Fayard, Lea's "lover" The movie has been broadcast on the French channel France2 on October 9, 2000. The film is inspired from the novel La bicyclette bleue written by Regine Deforges who plays the part of the librarian in the movie. Synopsis For the Lea's 18 years, her father offers her a blue bicycle, her freedom.