Leading Economist Jan Hatzius Refutes Peter Schiff's Senseless Doomsday Scenarios

Posted: Feb 15, 2011

This is a highly insightful interview with Jan Hatzius, one of the world's leading economic and financial forecasters, regarding his outlook for the world economy in 2011. Now, when you are looking for pinpoint-accurate and insightful economic predictions, you go to true economists like Jan Hatzius, Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs (not flunky granny-scamming stockbrokers pretending to be economists like Peter Schiff).

Here Jan kindly provides his outlook for 2011, which calls for benign economic growth of around 4-5%p.a. for the US, moderate inflation due to capacity slack and moderate job growth. Hardly the kind of psycho doomsday talk that snake oil peddlers like Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente have been peddling around to peasants hoping for a change in their fortunes through 'revolution'. (Sorry, but you are peasants because you are uneducated and ignorant and listening to idiots like Schiff and Celente will only serve to prolong / reinforce your peasant status).