Krazy Ivan - Walkthrough Part 2 (Sega Saturn)

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Krazy Ivan, is a open world mech styled FPS released back in 1996 for the PC, PlayStation and Saturn, The game is quite of an unknown gen, graphics were good for 1996, and the non linear open world was ahead of its time, game was also packed with a variety of different weapons, five difrent "main" weapons, from machine guns to electric stuff, variants of rockets/missiles, bombs and a lot more; The game's quite short, containing a total of five different levels, and a sixth last stage containing a last boss, soundtrack is also worth a mention, in fact it's brilliant, game also contains live action FMV's packed with amazing CGI for the time, Live Action Actors: Ivan - Robin Hellier Kataya - Sarah Stockbridge Pavel - Michael Brogan Fatima - Jackie Sawiris Newsreader - Irma Inniss ______________________ Visit my channel: Don't forget to: - Like: So it helps my channel and my videos, - Comment: Show your feelings towards the game and how i can make my Walkthroughs better, - Subscribe: for more top quality content every day/week, Enjoy,