Malcolm Lee Beggs

Born 1907
  • Actor
Malcolm Lee Beggs was an American actor of the stage and screen. The son of actor/director Lee Beggs and stage actress Doris Singleton, he began performing professionally on the stage at the age of 5. He made appearances in two silent films: The Silent Plea and In Bridal Attire. In 1936 he made his ...

Malcolm Lee Beggs Stats


: Malcolm Beggs


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1907

Place of Birth

: East Orange

Date of Death

: December 10, 1956

Place of Death

: Chicago

Malcolm Lee Beggs Film Roles

  1. It Grows on Trees
  2. Edge of Fury
  3. Houdini
    British Jail Warden

Malcolm Lee Beggs TV Guest Roles

  1. Within the Law
  2. The Harp of Erin
  3. The Arrival of Kitty
Malcolm Lee Beggs