Cliff Lok

Born Sep 11, 1948
  • Actor, Stunt Coordinator
Cliff Lok is an actor and stunt coordinator.

Cliff Lok Stats


: Tung Chin, Lung Koo, Koo Lung, Ku Lung, Chin Tung, Gam Tung, Chin Tong, Lung Goon-Ting, Lung Kuan-Ting, Kan Tung


: Actor, Stunt Coordinator


: China

Date of Birth

: September 11, 1948

Cliff Lok Film Roles

  1. King Eagle
  2. Best of Shaolin Kung Fu
  3. Rarescope: Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu
  4. Kung Fu Theater: Men on the Hour
  5. Have Sword, Will Travel
    Have Sword, Will Travel
  6. Brooklyn Zu Collection: Goose Boxer, Tiger Over Wall, Tiger's Claw
  7. Shaolin Tiger Claw
  8. Shadow of the Tiger
  9. Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
  10. Killer from Above
Cliff Lok