Clarissa Selwynne

Born Feb 26, 1886
  • Actor
Clarissa Selwynne was an actress.

Clarissa Selwynne Stats


: Clarissa Schultz, Clarissa Selwynn, Clara Selwynne, Miss Selwynne, Clarisse Selwyn, Clarissa Selwyn


: Actor


: England

Date of Birth

: February 26, 1886

Place of Birth

: London

Date of Death

: June 13, 1948

Place of Death

: Los Angeles

Clarissa Selwynne Film Roles

  1. Sporting Love
    Sporting Love
  2. Beau Brummel
    Beau Brummel
  3. Black Oxen
    Gora Dwight
    Black Oxen
  4. Hearts in Exile
    Madame Romanoff
  5. The Bride's Awakening
    Lucille Bennett
    The Bride's Awakening
  6. The Scarlet Shadow
    Edith Presby
  7. Princess Virtue
    Countess Oudoff
  8. The Masked Rider
    Mrs. Hart
  9. Sackcloth and Scarlet
    Miss Curtis
    Sackcloth and Scarlet
  10. Face Value
    Mrs. Van Twiller
Clarissa Selwynne