Dorothy Morris

Dorothy Morris

Born Feb 23, 1922
  • Actor
Dorothy Morris is a film actress.

Dorothy Morris Stats


: Dorothy Ruth Morris


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Feb 23, 1922

Place of Birth

: Los Angeles

Date of Death

: Nov 20, 2011

Place of Death

: Palm Springs

Cause of Death

: Natural causes

Dorothy Morris Film Roles

  1. The War Against Mrs. Hadley
    The War Against Mrs. Hadley
  2. Down in San Diego
    Mildred Burnette
    Down in San Diego
  3. Seven Sweethearts
    Peter Van Maaster
  4. Cry "Havoc"
    Cry "Havoc"
  5. None Shall Escape
    Janina Paeierkowski
  6. This Time for Keeps
    Edith Bryant
    This Time for Keeps
  7. Main Street After Dark
    Rosalie Dibson
    Main Street After Dark
  8. Little Miss Big
    Kathy Bryan
    Little Miss Big
  9. Seconds
    Mrs. Filter
  10. Tarzan's New York Adventure
    Hat Check Girl

Dorothy Morris TV Guest Roles

  1. The Child - Woman
  2. The Kate Crawley Story
  3. Millionaire Doctor Alan March
  4. In My Father's House
  5. The Baby Contest
  6. Star Witness
  7. The Decoy
  8. The Long Odds
  9. Incident at Dangerfield Dip
Dorothy Morris