Olivia Cheng

Born Feb 14, 1960
  • Actor
Olivia Cheng, born 14 February 1960, is a Hong Kong based former actress. She won the 1979 Miss Hong Kong Pageant and was also elected "Miss Photogenic." She represented Hong Kong in Miss Universe 1979 in Perth, Western Australia, where she went unplaced but ranked a very respectable 21st place in t...

Olivia Cheng Stats


: Man-Ar Cheng, Meng-Har Cheng, Cheng Man-Nga


: Actor


: China

Date of Birth

: Feb 14, 1960

Olivia Cheng Film Roles

  1. Till Death Do We Scare
    Irene Leen
  2. Nui yan fung chung wa
    Susan Yang
  3. The Spooky Bunch
  4. Mr. Coconut
  5. A Killer's Blues
Olivia Cheng