Chris Jacobs

Born Jan 30, 1970
Christopher "Chris" Jacobs is an actor and television personality. He is the host of TLC's Overhaulin' and formerly hosted The Insider, he also worked as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. He now also works for NFL Network, and recently hosted the interactive portion of Chopper Live and Gold...

Chris Jacobs Stats


: Christopher Keith Jacobs, Christopher "Chris" Jacobs, Christopher Jacobs


: Actor, TV Personality


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1970-01-30

Place of Birth

: Chicago

Chris Jacobs Film Roles

  1. The Party Crashers
  2. Wild Roomies
  3. Rowing Through
  4. Angels, Baby!
  5. Nick of Time
    Comestible Server

Chris Jacobs TV Starring Roles

  1. Overhaulin'

Chris Jacobs TV Guest Roles

  1. Via Negativa
    E.R. Doctor

Chris Jacobs TV Appearances

  1. Overhaulin'