Víctor Laplace

Born May 30, 1943
  • Actor
Víctor Laplace is an acclaimed Argentine film actor. He has appeared in over 80 films since 1970, such as Eva Perón and Un Amor en Moisés Ville in 2001, as well as extensive local and international theatre credits.

Víctor Laplace Stats


: Víctor Laplace


: Actor


: Argentina

Date of Birth

: 1943-05-30

Place of Birth

: Tandil

Víctor Laplace Film Roles

  1. Adiós, Roberto
  2. Un Amor en Moisés Ville
    Un Amor en Moisés Ville
  3. El Amor y el Espanto
  4. Funny Dirty Little War
  5. Letters from the Park
  6. El Mar de Lucas
  7. Eva Perón: The True Story
  8. The War Of The Pig
  9. Pájaro loco

Víctor Laplace Film Director

  1. El Mar de Lucas
  2. Iron Gate The Exile Of Peron
Victor Laplace