Trevor Horn

Born Jul 15, 1949
Trevor Charles Horn, CBE is a British pop music record producer, songwriter, musician and singer. His influence on 1980s popular music was such that he has been called "The Man Who Invented the Eighties". Horn has produced commercially successful songs and albums for numerous British and internation...
Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn Stats


: Trever Horn, Trevor Charles Horn, Horn, Trevor, The Buggles, Buggles


: England

Date of Birth

: July 15, 1949

Place of Birth

: Durham

Trevor Horn Film Roles

  1. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Hard On
  2. Produced by Trevor Horn: The Best 25 Years of Pop

Trevor Horn Film Appearances

  1. Trevor Horn: Slaves to the Rhythm
  2. Classic Artists: Yes
    Classic Artists: Yes

Trevor Horn TV Guest Roles

  1. British Invasion