Traylor Howard

Born Jun 14, 1966
  • Actor
Net Worth
$2 Million
Traylor Elizabeth Howard is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Sharon Carter on the television series Two Guys and a Girl, and as Natalie Teeger on the USA Network series Monk.
Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard Stats


: Traylor Elizabeth Howard, Traylor H. Hall, Traylor Hall, Tray


: Actor


: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 14, 1966

Place of Birth

: Orlando

Traylor Howard Film Roles

  1. Son of the Mask
    Tonya Avery
  2. Dirty Work
  3. Me, Myself & Irene
    Me, Myself & Irene
  4. Simon Says: Let's Stop Climate Change
  5. Confessions of a Sexist Pig
    Anne Henning
    Confessions of a Sexist Pig

Traylor Howard TV Starring Roles

  1. Monk
    Natalie Teeger
  2. Boston Common
    Joy Byrnes
  3. Two Guys and a Girl
    Sharon Carter
  4. Bram & Alice
    Alice O'Connor

Traylor Howard TV Guest Roles

  1. 100,000 Airplanes
  2. Episode 87
  3. Madame Ex
  4. Remembrance
    Sarah Franzen
  5. Right To Die
    Ashley Riverton
  6. Mr. Monk and the Red Herring
Traylor Howard