Tim Reynolds

Born Dec 15, 1957
  • Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician, Multi-instrumentalist
Net Worth
$10 Million
Tim Reynolds is a Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist known as both a solo artist and as a lead guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band. One reviewer has declared Reynolds 'an under-rated master'. Reynolds plays the guitar, piano, sitar, drums, violin, bass, keyboards, ethnic percussive instruments,...
Tim Reynolds

Tim Reynolds Stats


: Reynolds, Tim


: Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician, Multi-instrumentalist


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 15, 1957

Place of Birth

: Wiesbaden

Tim Reynolds Film Roles

  1. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City Music Hall

Tim Reynolds Albums

  1. Gossip of the Neurons
  2. Invisible Pagan Underdogs
  3. Nomadic Wavelength
  4. Parallel Universe
  5. Sanctuary
  6. See Into Your Soul
  7. Stream
  8. Petroglyph
  9. Chaos View
  10. Live at Luther College
    Live at Luther College