Tetsuya Takehora

Born 1974
  • Film Director, Screenwriter
Tetsuya Takehora is a Japanese film director and screenwriter.

Tetsuya Takehora Stats


: Film Director, Screenwriter


: Japan

Date of Birth

: 1974

Place of Birth

: Aomori Prefecture

Tetsuya Takehora Film Director

  1. Fascinating Young Hostess: Sexy Thighs
  2. Miss Hotel Call Girl: Healing Induction
  3. Picture Book of a Beautiful Young Girl: Soaked Uniform
  4. The Sticky Taste of a Peach-Skinned Proprietess
  5. Molester's Train: Melody of Wriggling Fingers
  6. Impure Uniform: Writhing Thighs
  7. Cousin White Paper: Aching Mature Lewdness
  8. Lustful Hitchhiker: Sought Wife
Tetsuya Takehora