Steve McQueen

Born Mar 24, 1930
  • Actor, Film Producer
Net Worth
$30 Million
Terence Steven "Steve" McQueen was an American actor. Called "The King of Cool", his "anti-hero" persona, developed at the height of the Vietnam War-era counterculture, made him a top box-office draw of the 1960s and 1970s. McQueen received an Academy Award nomination for his role in The Sand Pebble...

Steve McQueen Stats


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: Actor, Film Producer


: 5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)


: Scottish American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: March 24, 1930

Place of Birth

: Beech Grove

Date of Death

: November 7, 1980

Place of Death

: Ciudad Juárez

Cause of Death

: Mesothelioma | Myocardial infarction | Surgical complications

Steve McQueen Film Roles

  1. Bullitt
  2. Hell Is for Heroes
  3. Junior Bonner
  4. Nevada Smith
    Nevada Smith
  5. Never So Few
  6. The Cincinnati Kid
    The Cincinnati Kid
  7. The Getaway
    Doc McCoy
    The Getaway
  8. The Great Escape
    Hilts 'The Cooler King'
    The Great Escape
  9. The Honeymoon Machine
    The Honeymoon Machine
  10. The Magnificent Seven
    The Magnificent Seven

Steve McQueen Film Producer

  1. On Any Sunday
    On Any Sunday
  2. Tom Horn

Steve McQueen Film Appearances

  1. Dust to Glory
    Dust to Glory
  2. On Any Sunday
    On Any Sunday
  3. On Any Sunday Revisited
  4. The Making of Bullitt
    The Making of Bullitt
  5. Steve McQueen: An American Rebel
  6. On Any Sunday: Motocross, Malcolm, & More
  7. Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend

Steve McQueen TV Starring Roles

  1. Wanted: Dead or Alive

Steve McQueen TV Guest Roles

  1. The 36th Annual Academy Awards
  2. Ambush
    guest star
  3. Man from the South
  4. The 37th Annual Academy Awards
  5. Four Hours in White
    Anthony Reeves
  6. The Defender (Part 2)
    Joseph Gordon
  7. Four Hours in White
    Henry Reeves
  8. The Human Interest Story
    Bill Everett
  9. The Bounty Hunter
    Josh Randall
  10. Deep Water