Steve Lawrence

Born Jul 8, 1935
  • Singer, Actor
Net Worth
$10 Million
Steve Lawrence is an American singer and actor, perhaps best known as a member of a duo with his wife Eydie Gormé, billed as "Steve and Eydie." The two appeared together since appearing regularly on Tonight Starring Steve Allen in the mid-1950s until Gormé's retirement.
Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence Stats


: Sidney Leibowitz


: Singer, Actor


: Jewish people


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: July 8, 1935

Place of Birth

: Brooklyn

Steve Lawrence Film Roles

  1. A Carol for Another Christmas
    Ghost of Christmas Past
  2. The Yards
    Arthur Mydanick
  3. The Dreamsters: Welcome to the Dreamery
    Steve Lawrence
    The Dreamsters: Welcome to the Dreamery
  4. The Lonely Guy
    Jack Fenwick
    The Lonely Guy
  5. Blues Brothers 2000
    Maury Sline
  6. Play It to the Bone
  7. The Blues Brothers
    Maury Sline
    The Blues Brothers
  8. Ocean's Eleven
    Boxing Spectator #4
    Ocean's Eleven

Steve Lawrence Film Appearances

  1. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

Steve Lawrence TV Starring Roles

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. The Steve Lawrence Show
  3. Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders

Steve Lawrence TV Guest Roles

  1. The Finale: Part 1
    Morty Fine
  2. Canasta Masta
    Canasta Masta
  3. Ma'ternal Affairs
    Morty Fine
  4. Earthquake II
  5. From the Riviera Hotel, Havana
  6. Season 5, Episode 17
  7. No Laughing Murder
  8. Steve Lawrence / Helen Shapiro / Geula Gill
  9. Season 2, Episode 18
  10. Season 1, Episode 2

Steve Lawrence Musical Groups

  1. Steve and Eydie

Steve Lawrence Albums

  1. Steve Lawrence Sings Sinatra
  2. Go Away Little Girl / If You Love Her Tell Her So
  3. The Best of Steve Lawrence
  4. The Steve Lawrence Sound