Steve Coogan

Born Oct 14, 1965
Net Worth
$12 Million
Stephen John "Steve" Coogan is an English actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, writer and producer. He began his career in the 1980s, working as a voice artist on the satirical puppet show Spitting Image. In the early 1990s, he began creating original comic characters; this led him to win the Pe...
Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan Stats


: Stephen Coogan, Stephen John Coogan, Steve, Stephen John "Steve" Coogan, Tony Ferrino, Alan Partridge, Paul Calf, Tommy Saxondale, Duncan Thicket


: 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)


: Irish people in Great Britain


: England

Date of Birth

: October 14, 1965

Place of Birth

: Middleton

Steve Coogan Film Roles

  1. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  2. 24 Hour Party People
    Tony Wilson
    24 Hour Party People
  3. A Cock and Bull Story
    Tristram Shandy / Walter Shandy
  4. Around the World in 80 Days
    Phileas Fogg
  5. Coffee and Cigarettes
  6. Happy Endings
  7. Hot Fuzz
    Metropolitan Police Inspector
    Hot Fuzz
  8. The Alibi
    Ray Elliot
  9. Night at the Museum
  10. The Parole Officer
    Simon Garden

Steve Coogan Film Producer

  1. Snow Cake
  2. What Goes Up
  3. Philomena

Steve Coogan Film Executive Producer

  1. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Steve Coogan Film Appearances

  1. Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story
    Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story
  2. Steve Coogan Hates Twitter
    Steve Coogan Hates Twitter

Steve Coogan TV Starring Roles

  1. I'm Alan Partridge
    Alan Partridge
  2. The Day Today
    Alan Partridge
  3. Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge
    Alan Partridge
  4. I Am Not an Animal
    Mark the Bird
  5. Saxondale
    Tommy Saxondale
  6. Sunshine
    Bing Crosby
  7. Coogan's Run
    Ernest Moss
  8. Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible
    Dr. Terrible
  9. Monkey Trousers
  10. The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer
    Lead Singer of Go West

Steve Coogan TV Guest Roles

  1. Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust
  2. (Steve Coogan, Gary Webster)
  3. Frenzy of Tongs
  4. Kristin Davis, Steve Coogan, Mama Gena
  5. (Kevin McNally, Gaby Roslin, Steve Coogan)
  6. Curse of the Blood of the Lizard of Doom
  7. Scream Satan Scream!
  8. Top Gear Series 8, Episode 7
  9. The Therapist
  10. Myleen Klass, Kym Marsh, Suzanne Shaw, Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan Albums

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge 1
  2. Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge 3
  3. Phenomenon
  4. The Paul and Pauline Calf Audio Experience
  5. Help Yourself

Steve Coogan Books

  1. The Paul and Pauline Calf Omnibus
  2. Steve Coogan Is the Man Who Thinks He's It