Smokie Norful

Smokie Norful

Born Oct 31, 1975
  • Singer, Songwriter, Pastor, Pianist
Net Worth
$3 Million
Rev. W.R. "Smokie" Norful, Jr. is an American gospel singer and pianist, best known for his 2002 album, I Need You Now and his 2004 release, Nothing Without You, which won a Grammy at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album in 2004.

Smokie Norful Stats


: Norful, Smokie, Willie Ray Norful, Jr., Rev. W.R. "Smokie" Norful, Jr., Smokey Norful


: Singer, Songwriter, Pastor, Pianist


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1975-10-31

Place of Birth

: Muskogee

Smokie Norful Film Roles

  1. WOW Gospel 2005
  2. WOW Gospel 2007
  3. WOW Gospel 2009
  4. WOW Gospel #1s

Smokie Norful Albums

  1. Nothin Without You
  2. Smokie Norful
  3. I Need You Now
  4. Smokie Norful Live
  5. Life Changing
  6. Nothing Without You
  7. Live
  8. Once in a Lifetime
  9. Smokie Norful Presents Victory Cathedral Choir
Smokie Norful