Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi

Born Apr 6, 1926
  • Singer, Actor
Sergio Franchi was an Italian tenor and actor who enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame as a multimedia star and recording artist after being discovered on British television in 1962. Subsequent to a trans-Atlantic taped audition, RCA Victor signed him to an exclusive seven-year contract. Sol Hurok manage...

Sergio Franchi Stats


: Sergio Galli, Sergio Franci Galli, A Yankee Frankee


: Singer, Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: April 6, 1926

Place of Birth

: Codogno

Date of Death

: May 1, 1990

Place of Death

: Stonington

Cause of Death

: Brain tumor

Sergio Franchi Film Roles

  1. The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Sergio Franchi TV Guest Roles

  1. scheduled: Connie Francis; Louis Prima; Jerry Van Dyke
  2. Host: Jimmy Durante / Marvin Gaye
  3. The McGuire Sisters, Sergio Franchi
  4. scheduled: Rodney Dangerfield; Lana Cantrell; O.C. Smith
  5. Host: Donald O'Connor
  6. scheduled: Michele Lee; Stiller & Meara; Morecombe & Wise; Stu Gilliam
  7. scheduled: Barbara McNair; Sergio Franchi: Karen Wyman
  8. B.J. Thomas / Rahsaan Roland Kirk / Nancy Ames
  9. The Remains / Stiller & Meara / Jack Carter
  10. scheduled: Cab Calloway; Eydie Gorme; Frank Fontaine; Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi Albums

  1. Our Man From Italy
  2. Sergio Franchi Sings
  3. The Exciting Voice of Sergio Franchi
  4. Our Man From Italy
  5. Sanremo 1960
  6. Con amore Sergio
  7. The Golden Voice of Italy
  8. Moon Over Naples
  9. Philadelphia With Love
  10. The Dream Duet
Sergio Franchi