Rusty Wallace

Rusty Wallace

Born Aug 14, 1956
  • Race car driver, Commentator
Net Worth
$40 Million
Russell William "Rusty" Wallace, Jr. is a retired NASCAR race car driver, a former NASCAR Winston Cup Champion and the Lead Studio Analyst for Auto Racing at ABC and ESPN. Considered one of racing's most well-known and charismatic personalities, he is a member of four of stock car racing's major hal...

Rusty Wallace Stats


: Russell William Wallace, Russell William Wallace Jr., Rubberhead


: Race car driver, Commentator


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: August 14, 1956

Place of Birth

: Arnold

Rusty Wallace Film Roles

  1. Days of Thunder

Rusty Wallace Film Appearances

    Rusty Wallace TV Starring Roles

    1. NASCAR Countdown

    Rusty Wallace TV Guest Roles

    1. Rusty & Stephen Wallace
    2. Show #2291
    3. April 24, 2003
    4. Episode 146
    5. Rusty Wallace
    6. Martin Short, Rusty Wallace and Jesse McCartney