Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Born Feb 28, 1969
  • Actor
Net Worth
$15 Million
Robert Lawrence Leonard, better known by his stage name Robert Sean Leonard, is an American actor. Leonard won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in The Invention of Love in 2001. He was also nominated for his leading role in Candida in 1993 and for his work opposite ...

Robert Sean Leonard Stats


: Robert Lawrence Leonard, Robert Leonard, Bobby


: Actor


: 6 ft (1.829 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 28, 1969

Place of Birth

: Westwood

Robert Sean Leonard Film Roles

  1. The Manhattan Project
  2. My Best Friend Is a Vampire
    Jeremy Capello
  3. Dead Poets Society
    Neil Perry
    Dead Poets Society
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Bridge
    Douglas Bridge
  5. Married to It
    Chuck Bishop
  6. Swing Kids
    Peter Müller
  7. Much Ado About Nothing
    Much Ado About Nothing
  8. The Age of Innocence
    Ted Archer
    The Age of Innocence
  9. Normandy: The Great Crusade
    Sales, Robert
    Normandy: The Great Crusade
  10. Safe Passage
    Alfred Singer

Robert Sean Leonard Film Appearances

  1. Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi

Robert Sean Leonard TV Starring Roles

  1. House
    James Wilson
  2. Wasteland
    Jesse's ex

Robert Sean Leonard TV Guest Roles

  1. A Painted House
  2. Nest
    Robby Archer