Renée Fleming

Renée Fleming

Born Feb 14, 1959
  • Singer, Consultant, Actor
Net Worth
$12 Million
Renée Fleming is an American opera singer and soprano whose repertoire encompasses Richard Strauss, Mozart, Handel, bel canto, lieder, French opera and chansons, jazz and indie rock. Fleming has a full lyric soprano voice. She has performed coloratura, lyric, and lighter spinto soprano operatic rol...

Renée Fleming Stats


: Fleming, Renee, Fleming, Renée, Renee Fleming


: Singer, Consultant, Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 14, 1959

Place of Birth

: Indiana

Renée Fleming Film Roles

  1. In Search of Mozart
  2. Richard Strauss: Arabella

Renée Fleming Film Appearances

  1. Rufus Wainwright: Prima Donna
  2. Point Blank

Renée Fleming TV Guest Roles

  1. Falco/Denton
  2. Mos Def, Renée Fleming
  3. New York Philharmonic New Year's Eve Gala Concert

Renée Fleming Albums

  1. Haunted Heart
  2. By Request
  3. Homage: The Age of the Diva
  4. Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin
  5. Verismo
  6. Bel Canto
  7. Dark Hope
    Dark Hope
  8. Prelude to a Kiss
  9. Love Sublime
  10. Poèmes

Renée Fleming Books

  1. The inner voice
Renee Fleming