Ray Charles

Born Sep 23, 1930
Net Worth
$100 Million
Ray Charles Robinson was an American singer-songwriter, musician and composer known as Ray Charles. He was a pioneer in the genre of soul music during the 1950s by fusing rhythm and blues, gospel, and blues styles into his early recordings with Atlantic Records. He also helped racially integrate cou...
Ray Charles

Ray Charles Stats


: Ray Charles Robinson, Brother Ray, The Genius of Soul, The High Priest, Raymond Charles Robinson


: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: September 23, 1930

Place of Birth

: Albany

Date of Death

: June 10, 2004

Place of Death

: Beverly Hills

Cause of Death

: Acute Liver Disease | Hepatitis

Ray Charles Film Roles

  1. Blue's Big Musical Movie
  2. Love Affair
  3. The Blues Brothers
    The Blues Brothers
  4. Ballad in Blue
  5. Spy Hard
    Bus Driver
  6. The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave
    Ray Charles
  7. The Blues Brothers
  8. Limit Up
  9. Hallelujah Gospel
  10. The Legends of Rock 'n' Roll

Ray Charles Film Appearances

  1. Tom Dowd and the Language of Music
  2. We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song
    We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song
  3. Sid Bernstein Presents
  4. The Rise and Fall of WCW
  5. Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music Volume 1
    Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music Volume 1
  6. Ray Charles: Angels Keep Watching Over Me
  7. The Big T.N.T. Show
  8. Piano Blues
  9. Ray
  10. Willie Nelson: My Life

Ray Charles TV Guest Roles

  1. The Hanukkah Story
    Sammy Jones
  2. Season 1, Episode 19
  3. Ray Charles, Norm Crosby, Wally Cox, Anne Murray
  4. Ray Charles and the Raylettes
  5. Ray Charles, Dan Blocker, Clara Ward
  6. Ray Charles, Lynn Kellogg
  7. Host: Ray Charles
  8. Season 2, Episode 11
  9. Show #0044
  10. Ray Charles, George Gobel, Gloria Loring

Ray Charles TV Appearances

  1. Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration
  2. Hudson & Halls
    Celebrity guest

Ray Charles Albums

  1. 16 Hits
  2. 1966-10-22: Palais des sports, Paris, France
  3. 1976-09-28: Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
  4. 1978-09-23: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA
  5. 1981-09-07: Rome, Italy
  6. 1996-06-19: Wembley Arena, London, UK
  7. 20 Golden Greats
  8. 40 Greatest Hits: The Very Best of Ray Charles
  9. A Man and His Soul
  10. A Message From the People

Ray Charles Books

  1. Ray Charles A Man and His Soul
  2. Ray - Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack