Rae Hendrie

Born 1977
  • Actor
Rae Hendrie is a Scottish actress most famous for her role as Jess Mackenzie in BBC TV series Monarch of the Glen. Rae was a London classroom assistant when she got her role in Monarch of the Glen. She also appeared in an episode of Taggart in 2002, playing Sadie McPhail, and more recently in EastEn...

Rae Hendrie Stats


: Actor


: Scotland

Date of Birth

: 1977

Place of Birth

: Selkirk, Scottish Borders

Rae Hendrie TV Guest Roles

  1. It's Kinda Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Watertight
  3. The Newsroom
  4. Episode Four
  5. Disorganised Crime
  6. Honour Bound