Petula Clark

Born Nov 15, 1932
Net Worth
$10 Million
Petula Sally Olwen Clark, CBE is an English singer, actress, and composer whose career has spanned seven decades. Clark's professional career began as an entertainer on BBC Radio during World War II. During the 1950s she started recording in French and having international success in both French and...

Petula Clark Stats


: Petula Sally Olwen Clark, Clark, Petula, Petula Clarke, Our Pet, Pet, Al Grant, Petula Clark, CBE


: 5 ft (1.549 m)


: England

Date of Birth

: November 15, 1932

Place of Birth

: Epsom

Petula Clark Film Roles

  1. Goodbye, Mr. Chips
    Katherine Chipping
    Goodbye, Mr. Chips
  2. London Town
  3. Vice Versa
    Grimstone's Daughter
  4. I Know Where I'm Going!
    I Know Where I'm Going!
  5. Dance Hall
  6. Track the Man Down
  7. The Runaway Bus
  8. Never Never Land
    Never Never Land
  9. Easy Money
  10. Don't Ever Leave Me

Petula Clark Film Appearances

  1. Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years
    Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years
  2. Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
  3. The Big T.N.T. Show

Petula Clark TV Starring Roles

  1. Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration
    Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration

Petula Clark TV Guest Roles

  1. Show #4 Host: Paul Anka
  2. June 25, 2008
  3. Host: Victor Borge / Petula Clark
  4. Host: Jack Benny / Petula Clark / Johnny Mathis
  5. Series 5, Show 7
  6. Nancy Sinatra / Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Petula Clark
  7. Episode #105
  8. Show #3
  9. Rodgers and Hart Today
  10. Petula Clark

Petula Clark Albums

  1. Downtown
  2. I Know A Place
  3. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
  4. The Special Collection
  5. Greatest Hits
  6. Les Années Petula
  7. Anthologie, Volume 5: 1966-1968
  8. The Very Best Of
  9. Kaléïdoscope (disc 1)
  10. 16 Most Requested Songs