Peter Tosh

Born Oct 19, 1944
Net Worth
$3 Million
Peter Tosh, OM was a Jamaican reggae musician who was a core member of the band The Wailers, and who afterwards had a successful solo career as well as being a promoter of Rastafari. Peter Tosh was born in Grange Hill, Jamaica, and was raised by his aunt. He began to sing and learn guitar at an earl...
Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh Stats


: Pete Tosh, Winston McIntosh, Tosh, Peter, Winston Hubert McIntosh


: Singer, Musician


: 6 ft 4 in (1.95072 m)


: Jamaicans of African ancestry


: Jamaica

Date of Birth

: October 19, 1944

Place of Birth

: Westmoreland Parish

Date of Death

: September 11, 1987

Place of Death

: Kingston

Cause of Death

: Firearm | Murder

Peter Tosh Film Appearances

  1. Stepping Razor: Red X
  2. Life and Debt
  3. Bob Marley: Heartland Reggae
  4. Classic Albums: Bob Marley & the Wailers - Catch a Fire
  5. Bunny Wailer: Live
  6. Peter Tosh: Captured Live
  7. Bob Marley: La Creación de la Leyenda

Peter Tosh TV Guest Roles

  1. Elliott Gould/Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger

Peter Tosh Albums

  1. The Toughest (feat. The Skatalites, The Upsetters)
  2. The Best of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die
  3. Equal Rights
  4. Arise! The Best of
  5. Super Hits
  6. The Essential Peter Tosh: The Columbia Years
  7. The Very Best of Jimmy Cliff & Peter Tosh
  8. Arise Black Man
  9. Bush Doctor
  10. Collection Gold