Otis Williams

Born Oct 30, 1941
  • Singer, Songwriter, Record producer
Net Worth
$8 Million
Otis Williams is an American baritone singer. Nicknamed "Big Daddy", he is occasionally also a songwriter and a record producer. Williams is best known as the founder and last original surviving member of the Motown vocal group The Temptations, a group in which he continues to perform.

Otis Williams Stats


: Otis Miles, Otis Miles, Jr., Big Daddy, The Temptions & The Supremes, The Temptations


: Singer, Songwriter, Record producer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1941-10-30

Place of Birth

: Texarkana

Otis Williams Film Roles

  1. The Temptations: Live in Concert
  2. Happy New Year
    Happy New Year

Otis Williams Musical Groups

  1. The Temptations
  2. The Distants
  3. Otis Williams and The Midnight Cowboys

Otis Williams Books

  1. Neck bones for supper