Obba Babatunde

Born Dec 1, 1951
Obba Babatundé is an American actor of stage and screen, known for his Emmy-nominated performance in the television movie Miss Evers' Boys, a NAACP Image Award-nominated performance in the TV movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, and a Tony Award-nominated role for his performance as C.C. White in t...

Obba Babatunde Stats


: Obba Babatundé, Obba Babatundè, Babatunde, Donald Cohen


: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 1, 1951

Place of Birth

: Jamaica

Obba Babatunde Film Roles

  1. The Visit
  2. How High
    Dean Carl Cain
  3. Miss Evers' Boys
  4. John Q
    Sgt. Moody
  5. The Temptations
    Berry Gordy
    The Temptations
  6. Life
    Willie Long
  7. A Reason to Believe
    Prof. Thurman
  8. The Wonders
    The Wonders
  9. Redeemer
  10. Multiplicity

Obba Babatunde Film Director

  1. Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie to Halle
    Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie to Halle
  2. Dorothy Dandridge: Singing at Her Best

Obba Babatunde Film Appearances

  1. Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History
    Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History
  2. Hollywood Singing and Dancing: The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s

Obba Babatunde TV Starring Roles

  1. Xyber 9: New Dawn

Obba Babatunde TV Guest Roles

  1. Sweet Surrender
  2. The One With All The Jealousy
  3. Freeze Outs
  4. Full Moon
  5. Planting Seeds

Obba Babatunde TV Appearances

  1. Baryshnikov on Broadway
    Baryshnikov on Broadway