Moe Howard

Born Jun 19, 1897
Net Worth
$10 Million
Moses Harry Horowitz, known professionally as Moe Howard, was an American actor and comedian best known as the de facto leader of The Three Stooges, the farce comedy team who starred in motion pictures and television for four decades. His distinctive hairstyle came about when he was a boy and cut of...

Moe Howard Stats


: Moe, Harry Moses Horwitz, Moses Harry Horwitz, Harry, Harry Howard, Howard, Moses Horwitz, Fine and Howard Howard, The Three Stooges, The 3 Stooges


: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 19, 1897

Place of Birth

: Bensonhurst

Date of Death

: May 4, 1975

Place of Death

: Los Angeles

Cause of Death

: Lung cancer

Moe Howard Film Roles

  1. Boobs in Arms
  2. So Long Mr. Chumps
  3. Dutiful But Dumb
    Dutiful But Dumb
  4. All the World's a Stooge
  5. Time Out for Rhythm
  6. I'll Never Heil Again
  7. An Ache in Every Stake
  8. In the Sweet Pie and Pie
    In the Sweet Pie and Pie
  9. Some More of Samoa
  10. Loco Boy Makes Good
    Loco Boy Makes Good

Moe Howard Film Appearances

  1. Stooges: The Men Behind the Mayhem
    Stooges: The Men Behind the Mayhem

Moe Howard Subject of Films

  1. The Three Stooges

Moe Howard TV Starring Roles

  1. The New Three Stooges
    The New Three Stooges
  2. The Three Stooges
  3. Jerks of All Trades

Moe Howard TV Guest Roles

  1. Hal Holbrook / Patti Page / Three Stooges / Dave Madden
  2. scheduled: Della Reese; the Three Stooges; Richard Pryor; Juliet Prowse
  3. Season 4, Episode 28
  4. Alan Young and Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
  5. Season 4, Episode 17
  6. Dick Dale / The Angels / Totie Fields
  7. Season 4, Episode 23

Moe Howard Books

  1. Moe Howard and the Three Stooges