Michael Symon

Born Sep 19, 1969
  • Chef, TV chef
Michael D. Symon is a James Beard Foundation Award-winning American chef, restaurateur, television personality, and author. He is seen regularly on Food Network on shows such as Iron Chef America, Food Feuds, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate, as well as Cook Like an Iron Chef on the Cooking Channel and...

Michael Symon Stats


: Michael D. Symon, Chef Michael Symon


: Chef, TV chef


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: September 19, 1969

Place of Birth

: Cleveland

Michael Symon TV Starring Roles

  1. Dinner: Impossible
    Dinner: Impossible
  2. Iron Chef America
  3. The Next Iron Chef
  4. Food Feuds
  5. Cook Like an Iron Chef

Michael Symon TV Guest Roles

  1. Celine Dion, Michael Symon

Michael Symon TV Appearances

  1. Iron Chef America
  2. Food Feuds
  3. The Chew

Michael Symon Books

  1. The Chew
  2. Michael Symon's Carnivore
  3. Michael Symon's 5 in 5
  4. The Chew: What's for Dinner?
Michael Symon