Martha Plimpton

Born Nov 16, 1970
Net Worth
$3 Million
Martha Campbell Plimpton is an American actress, singer and former model. Plimpton is a screen, stage and television actress. She first appeared as Jonsy in the feature film The River Rat before rising to prominence in the Richard Donner film The Goonies portraying the character Stef. She then appea...
Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton Stats


: Martha Carradine, Martha Campbell Carradine, Martha Campbell Plimpton


: Actor, Singer, Model


: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: November 16, 1970

Place of Birth

: New York City

Martha Plimpton Film Roles

  1. Rollover
    Fewster's Older Daughter
  2. The River Rat
    The River Rat
  3. The Goonies
    The Goonies
  4. The Mosquito Coast
    Emily Spellgood
  5. Shy People
  6. Stars and Bars
  7. Running on Empty
    Lorna Phillips
  8. Another Woman
  9. Zwei Frauen
    Claudia Jacoby
  10. Parenthood
    Julie Buckman

Martha Plimpton Film Appearances

  1. Searching for Debra Winger
  2. Who Is Henry Jaglom?
    Who Is Henry Jaglom?

Martha Plimpton TV Starring Roles

  1. Raising Hope
    Virginia Chance
    Raising Hope

Martha Plimpton TV Guest Roles

  1. Blind Spot
  2. Blind Spot
    Jo Gage
  3. The One That Got Away
    Chelsea Wentworth
  4. Regret to Inform
  5. Experiment gone awry
    Dr Samantha Morris
  6. Fugitives on the run
    "Mr. Big"
  7. Black Eye
    Louise O'Connor
  8. You've Got a Friend
    Jessie Black
  9. Humpty Dumpty
    Meg Corwin
    Humpty Dumpty
  10. Good Mourning (1)
    Pam Michaelson
    Good Mourning (1)