Maria Rita

Born Sep 9, 1977
  • Singer
Maria Rita is the performance name of Maria Rita Camargo Mariano, a Brazilian singer. She is the daughter of famed pianist/arranger César Camargo Mariano and the late Brazilian singing legend Elis Regina and sister to Pedro Mariano and music producer João Marcelo Bôscoli. Her namesake is family f...

Maria Rita Stats


: Maria Rita Mariano, Maria Rita Camargo Mariano


: Singer


: Brazil

Date of Birth

: September 9, 1977

Place of Birth

: São Paulo

Maria Rita Film Roles

  1. Maria Rita: Segundo: Ao Vivo
  2. Maria Rita: Samba Meu Ao Vivo
  3. Life

Maria Rita Film Appearances

  1. Maria Rita

Maria Rita Albums

  1. Maria Rita
  2. Segundo
  3. Samba meu
  4. Elo
  5. Redescobrir
  6. Redescobrir - Ao Vivo