Margit Carlqvist

Born Feb 11, 1932
  • Actor
Margit Carlqvist is a Swedish actress. She was born in Stockholm. In Sweden she starred in many movies during the 1950s, mostly as some kind of vamp. Internationally she is perhaps most known for her role in Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer Night.

Margit Carlqvist Stats


: Margit Carlquist, Margit Larsson


: Actor


: Sweden

Date of Birth

: February 11, 1932

Place of Birth

: Stockholm

Margit Carlqvist Film Roles

  1. Smiles of a Summer Night
    Charlotte Malcolm
  2. To Joy
    Nelly Bro
  3. Exponerad
    Lena's mother
  4. We Are All Demons
  5. The Lustful Vicar
Margit Carlqvist