Manny Pacquiáo

Born Dec 17, 1978
Net Worth
$110 Million
Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao, PLH is a Filipino professional boxer and politician. He is the first and only eight-division world champion, in which he has won ten world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. He is also the second highest p...
Manny Pacquiáo

Manny Pacquiáo Stats


: Manny Pacquiao, Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, Emmanuel Pacquiao, MP, Manny 'Pac-Man' Pacquiao, Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao, Manî Pakkyao, Pac Man, The Mexicutioner, The Destroyer


: 5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)


: 144 lbs (65.317 kg)


: Filipino


: Philippines

Date of Birth

: December 17, 1978

Place of Birth

: Kibawe
Manny Pacquiao