Manjula Ghattamaneni

Born 1970
Manjula Swaroop, better known as Manjula, is an Indian film producer and actress known for her works in Telugu Cinema. Born to prominent Telugu actor Krishna Ghattamaneni, she began her acting career by doing a cameo role in the 1999 film Rajasthan and went on to act as a lead actress in a Malayalam...

Manjula Ghattamaneni Stats


: Manjula Swaroop, Manjula, G. Manjula


: Actor, Film Producer


: India

Date of Birth

: 1970

Place of Birth

: Chennai

Manjula Ghattamaneni Film Roles

  1. Kavya's Diary
  2. Show

Manjula Ghattamaneni Film Producer

  1. Kavya's Diary
  2. Naani
  3. Show
  4. Pokiri
  5. Ye Maaya Chesave