Lisa Lampanelli

Born Jul 19, 1961
Net Worth
$4.5 Million
Lisa Lampanelli is an American stand-up comedian and insult comic. She is noted for her racy and controversial style of comedy. Much of her material is ethnic humor, ridiculing and badmouthing various types of minority groups, most notably racial minorities and homosexuals.
Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli Stats


: The Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampugnale, Queen of Mean, Comedy's Queen of Mean, LL, Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampenelli, Lisa Marie Lampugnale


: Italian American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: July 19, 1961

Place of Birth

: Trumbull

Lisa Lampanelli Film Roles

  1. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
  2. Drillbit Taylor
    Ronnie's Mom
    Drillbit Taylor
  3. Delta Farce
  4. Witless Protection
  5. Lisa Lampanelli: The Queen of Mean
  6. Roast of Larry the Cable Guy
  7. Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl: No Protection
  8. Lisa Lampanelli: Take It Like a Man
  9. Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live the Queen
  10. Lisa Lampanelli: Tough Love

Lisa Lampanelli Film Executive Producer

  1. Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl: No Protection

Lisa Lampanelli Film Appearances

  1. Roast of Flavor Flav: Uncensored
  2. Looking for Lenny

Lisa Lampanelli TV Starring Roles

  1. Howard Stern on Demand

Lisa Lampanelli TV Guest Roles

  1. Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live the Queen
  2. James Woods, Lisa Lampanelli, Five For Fighting
  3. Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner
  4. Ryan Phillippe, Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Lauderdale
  5. Comedy Central Roast of Jeff Foxworthy
  6. Kurt Russell, Lisa Lampanelli, Jewel
  7. Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav
  8. Michael Clarke Duncan, Lisa Lampanelli, Rod Stewart
  9. Simon Cowell, Lisa Lampanelli, Goldfrapp
  10. Roast of Pamela Anderson

Lisa Lampanelli Albums

  1. Dirty Girl