Kat DeLuna

Born Nov 17, 1987
  • Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Net Worth
$12.5 Million
Kathleen "Kat" Emperatriz DeLuna is a Dominican and American R&B singer-songwriter, recording artist and dancer. Born in The Bronx to Dominican parents, DeLuna began pursuing a career as a singer when she was a teenager. After signing with Epic Records, she released her debut single "Whine Up" in 20...
Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna Stats


: Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna


: Singer, Musician, Songwriter


: 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: November 17, 1987

Place of Birth

: The Bronx

Kat DeLuna TV Guest Roles

  1. Michelle Pfeiffer, Rachel Nichols, Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna TV Appearances

  1. Hispanic Youth Showcase
  2. Fashion News Live

Kat DeLuna Musical Groups

  1. Coquette

Kat DeLuna Albums

  1. 9 Lives
  2. Inside Out:The Mixtape
  3. Run the Show
  4. Inside Out
  5. Dancing Tonight
  6. Whine Up
  7. Whine Up (Remixes)
  8. Breathing Your Love
  9. Dancing Tonight (Ralphi Rosario Remixes)
  10. Drop It Low