June Lockhart

Born Jun 25, 1925
  • Actor
Net Worth
$10 Million
June Lockhart is an American actress, primarily in 1950s and 1960s television, but with memorable performances on stage and in film too. She is remembered as the mother in two TV series, Lassie and Lost in Space. She also portrayed Dr. Janet Craig on the CBS television sitcom Petticoat Junction. She...
June Lockhart

June Lockhart Stats


: Локхарт, Джун


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 25, 1925

Place of Birth

: New York City

June Lockhart Film Roles

  1. Son of Lassie
  2. T-Men
  3. Troll
    Eunice St. Clair
  4. Strange Invaders
  5. Time Limit
  6. She-Wolf of London
  7. Meet Me in St. Louis
    Lucille Ballard
  8. Lost in Space
    Principal Cartwright
    Lost in Space
  9. All This, and Heaven Too
  10. Sergeant York

June Lockhart TV Starring Roles

  1. Lassie
  2. These Are the Days
  3. Lost in Space
    Dr. Maureen Robinson
  4. Petticoat Junction
    Petticoat Junction
  5. The Greatest American Hero
  6. Pound Puppies

June Lockhart TV Guest Roles

  1. The Quality of Mercy
    The Quality of Mercy
  2. Break on Through
  3. December Bride
  4. A City is Born
  5. The Killer's Moon
  6. Ca-Pam!
  7. Little Pitchers Have Big Fears
  8. Dangerous Waters
  9. Encounters
  10. All the Duke's Men

June Lockhart TV Appearances

  1. You Don't Say!

June Lockhart Political Donations

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  • 1989
  • First Federal Savings Bank of California
  • 1990
  • First Federal Savings Bank of California
  • 1991
  • First Federal Savings Bank of California
  • Total:
June Lockhart