Josephine Humphreys

Born Feb 2, 1945
  • Writer, Novelist
Josephine Humphreys is an American novelist. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, which is also the setting of her novels Dreams of Sleep, Rich in Love and The Fireman's Fair, Humphreys was educated at Ashley Hall, studied creative writing with Reynolds Price at Duke University, and went on to at...

Josephine Humphreys Stats


: Writer, Novelist


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 2, 1945

Place of Birth

: Charleston

Josephine Humphreys Books

  1. Dreams of Sleep
  2. Rich in Love
  3. The Fireman's Fair
  4. Nowhere else on earth
  5. Gal
  6. Interview With Josphine Humphreys
Josephine Humphreys