John Walsh

Born Dec 26, 1945
Net Worth
$20 Million
John Edward Walsh is an American television personality, criminal investigator, human and victim rights advocate and the host, as well as creator, of America's Most Wanted. Walsh is known for his anti-crime activism, with which he became involved following the murder of his son, Adam, in 1981; in 20...
John Walsh

John Walsh Stats


: John Edward Walsh


: Irish American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 26, 1945

Place of Birth

: Auburn

John Walsh Film Roles

  1. Body Parts
    Charley Fletcher
  2. The Safe Side: Internet Safety
  3. Keeping Track
    CIA Operative
  4. The Safe Side: Stranger Safety
  5. Falling for Grace
    Clark Douglas
    Falling for Grace
  6. Wrongfully Accused
    John Walsh
  7. Jesuit Joe
    Captain Fox

John Walsh Film Director

  1. Monarch
  2. Pipe Dream

John Walsh Film Executive Producer

  1. Smart Kids

John Walsh Film Appearances

  1. Lockdown, USA
    Lockdown, USA

John Walsh TV Starring Roles

  1. Sniz and Fondue
  2. KaBlam!
  3. AntiTV

John Walsh TV Guest Roles

  1. May 16, 2002
  2. April 11, 2002
  3. The Mourner
  4. American Crime Fighter: John Walsh
  5. Brother's Keeper
  6. Tony Danza, John Walsh
  7. Senate Blocking Protections for Kids?
  8. Pierce County, WA #29 - Cops & AMW Crossover
  9. Jacksonville, FL #1 - Cops & AMW Crossover
  10. Idaho

John Walsh TV Appearances

  1. America's Most Wanted
John Walsh