John Cusack

Born Jun 28, 1966
  • Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor
Net Worth
$40 Million
John Paul Cusack is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and puppeteer. He has starred in many feature films, including Say Anything..., Grosse Pointe Blank, Con Air, The Thin Red Line, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, 1408, 2012, The Raven and The Butler.
John Cusack

John Cusack Stats


: John Paul Cusack, John Cusak, Johnny


: Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor


: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)


: Irish American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 28, 1966

Place of Birth

: Evanston

John Cusack Film Roles

  1. America's Sweethearts
    Eddie Thomas
    America's Sweethearts
  2. Anastasia
  3. Being John Malkovich
    Craig Schwartz
    Being John Malkovich
  4. Better Off Dead
    Lane Meyer
    Better Off Dead
  5. City Hall
    Deputy Mayor Kevin Calhoun
  6. Con Air
    U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin
    Con Air
  7. Cradle Will Rock
    Nelson Rockefeller
    Cradle Will Rock
  8. Eight Men Out
    George 'Buck' Weaver
  9. Grosse Pointe Blank
    Martin Q. Blank
    Grosse Pointe Blank
  10. Identity

John Cusack Film Producer

  1. War, Inc.
  2. Grace Is Gone
  3. Hot Tub Time Machine
    Hot Tub Time Machine
  4. The Jack Bull
  5. We are not animals
    We are not animals

John Cusack Film Executive Producer

  1. Chicago Cab
    Chicago Cab

John Cusack Film Appearances

  1. Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
  2. Besieged Fortress
  3. Do It Again
  4. Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
  5. GuiĆ³n busca estrella
  6. Salinger
  7. Breakfast with Hunter
    Breakfast with Hunter
  8. Woody Allen - A Documentary

John Cusack TV Starring Roles

  1. Breakfast with Hunter

John Cusack TV Guest Roles

  1. The 76th Annual Academy Awards
  2. John Cusack, Jamie Kennedy, John Mayer
  3. Show #2471
  4. John Cusack, Paraminder Nagra
  5. Show #0777
  6. John Cusack/BabyFace/Rachel Ray
  7. Show #1309
  8. John Cusack and Jaime Pressly
  9. December 19, 2002
  10. Ricki Lake is a guest co-host; John Cusack and Ernie Hudson are guest stars