Jiří Voskovec

Jiří Voskovec

Born Jun 19, 1905
  • Actor, Playwright, Poet, Screenwriter, Translator, Songwriter, Theatre Director
Jiří Voskovec was a Czech-American actor, playwright, dramatist, director, translator, and poet. Throughout most of his career he was associated with Jan Werich. He attended school in Prague and in Dijon, France, and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1955.

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: Actor, Playwright, Poet, Screenwriter, Translator, Songwriter, Theatre Director


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 19, 1905

Place of Birth

: Sázava

Date of Death

: July 1, 1981

Place of Death

: Pearblossom

Cause of Death

: Myocardial infarction

Jiří Voskovec Film Roles

  1. Paradise Lost
  2. 12 Angry Men
    Juror #11
    12 Angry Men
  3. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
    East German Defense Attorney
  4. The 27th Day
    Prof. Klaus Bechner
    The 27th Day
  5. Mister Buddwing
    Shabby Old Man
  6. Somewhere in Time
    Dr. Gerald Finney
    Somewhere in Time
  7. Uncle Vanya
    Uncle Vanya
  8. The Boston Strangler
  9. Barbarosa
  10. The Bravados

Jiří Voskovec Film Appearances

  1. Crisis

Jiří Voskovec TV Starring Roles

  1. Nero Wolfe

Jiří Voskovec TV Guest Roles

  1. Bloodline
    Max Bodin
  2. The Year of the Locusts
    Angus Ferguson
    The Year of the Locusts
  3. The Defector (2)
    Dr. Gregory Holman
  4. The Hunters
    George Havelik
  5. Image
    Emil Gadsen
  6. Two is the Number
    Dr. Bensinger
  7. How To Steal A Masterpiece
  8. Twelve Angry Men
  9. The Finishing Touch
    Norman Cargill
  10. Arsenic and Old Lace

Jiří Voskovec Books

  1. Balada z hadru
Jiri Voskovec