Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke

Born Jul 27, 1931
  • Actor, Comedian
Net Worth
$15 Million
Jerry Van Dyke is an American comedian and actor, the younger brother of Dick Van Dyke. He made his TV acting debut on The Dick Van Dyke Show with several guest appearances as Rob Petrie's brother, Stacey. Later in his career from 1989 to 1997, he portrayed Luther Van Dam on Craig T. Nelson's ABC si...

Jerry Van Dyke Stats


: Actor, Comedian


: Dutch-American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: July 27, 1931

Place of Birth

: Danville

Jerry Van Dyke Film Roles

  1. Angel in My Pocket
    Angel in My Pocket
  2. McLintock!
    Matt Douglas Jr.
  3. Love and Kisses
  4. Annabelle's Wish
    Grandpa Baker
    Annabelle's Wish
  5. Lethal Victims
    Lethal Victims
  6. The Courtship of Eddie's Father
  7. To Grandmother's House We Go
  8. Palm Springs Weekend

Jerry Van Dyke TV Starring Roles

  1. My Mother the Car
  2. You Wish
  3. Coach
  4. Accidental Family
  5. Headmaster
  6. Teen Angel
  7. 13 Queens Boulevard
  8. The Middle
    Tag Spence
    The Middle

Jerry Van Dyke TV Guest Roles

  1. Unscripted 04
  2. Stole an RV
  3. Leaving the Nest is For the Birds
    Howie Frankel
  4. Sleeping Murder
    Stacy Sloan
  5. You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You
    Roy Herzog
  6. But Seriously, Folks
    Wes Callison
  7. Cara Fiddles While Her Hero Burns
    Carter Devereaux III
  8. Drew Gets Married
    Luther Van Dam
  9. The Black Widow Maker
    Judge Beers

Jerry Van Dyke TV Appearances

  1. The Judy Garland Show