Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice

Born Oct 13, 1962
  • American football player, Coach, Actor
Net Worth
$55 Million
Jerry Lee Rice is a former American football wide receiver who played 20 seasons in the National Football League. He is widely considered to be the greatest wide receiver in NFL history and among the greatest NFL players overall. On November 4, 2010, Rice was chosen by NFL Network's NFL Films produc...

Jerry Rice Stats


: Jerry Lee Rice, Flash 80, The man with the hands, Gentleman Jerry


: American football player, Coach, Actor


: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)


: 200 lbs (90.72 kg)


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: October 13, 1962

Place of Birth

: Crawford

Jerry Rice Film Roles

  1. Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling
    Hal Gore
  2. NFL: Greatest Super Bowl Moments
  3. Football All Stars: Intimate Portraits: Vol. 3
  4. Necessary Roughness
    Convict Football Player #8

Jerry Rice Film Appearances

  1. The Making of a First Rounder: The DeSean Jackson Story

Jerry Rice TV Guest Roles

  1. Lyin' King
  2. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
  3. The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken
  4. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice TV Appearances

  1. Dancing with the Stars