Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Born Apr 22, 1966
Net Worth
$4 Million
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette in the 2005 medical drama Grey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, as The Comedian in the 2009 superhero film Watchmen, and as Ike Evans in Magic City.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Stats


: McNaughty, Jeff


: Actor


: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)


: Scottish people


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: April 22, 1966

Place of Birth

: Seattle

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Film Roles

  1. Uncaged
  2. Undercover heat
  3. Dillinger and Capone
    Jack Bennett
  4. In the Blink of an Eye
  5. Legal Deceit
    Todd Hunter
    Legal Deceit
  6. Road Kill
  7. Dead & Breakfast
    The Sheriff
  8. Six: The Mark Unleashed
    Tom Newman
  9. Chasing Ghosts
    Detective Cole Davies
    Chasing Ghosts
  10. Jam

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Film Executive Producer

  1. The Courier
    The Courier

Jeffrey Dean Morgan TV Starring Roles

  1. Magic City
    Ike Evans
    Magic City
  2. Supernatural
    John Winchester
  3. The Burning Zone
    Dr. Edward Marcase
  4. Extreme
    Jack Hawkins

Jeffrey Dean Morgan TV Guest Roles

  1. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1
    All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1
  2. Provider
  3. Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response
  4. Losing My Religion
  5. Devil's Trap
    John Winchester
  6. In My Time of Dying
    John Winchester
  7. Dead Man's Blood
    John Winchester
  8. Scarecrow
    John Winchester
  9. Pilot
    John Winchester
  10. Long Distance Call
    John Winchester
    Long Distance Call