Jean Babilée

Born Feb 2, 1923
  • Ballet Dancer, Actor, Choreographer
Jean Babilée is a prominent French dancer and choreographer of the latter half of the 20th century. He is considered to be one of modern ballet's greatest performers, and the first French dancer to gain international acclaim. Babilée has been called the "enfant terrible of dance." Born in Paris in...

Jean Babilée Stats


: Jean Babilee, Jean Gutman, Jean Gutmann, enfant terrible of dance


: Ballet Dancer, Actor, Choreographer


: France

Date of Birth

: February 2, 1923

Place of Birth

: Paris

Jean Babilée Film Roles

  1. Spotlight on a Murderer
    Christian de Kerloguen
  2. Sweet and Sour
  3. Amelie or The Time to Love
    Amelie or The Time to Love

Jean Babilée Film Appearances

  1. The Babilée Mystery
Jean Babilee