Irene Wan

Born Jan 31, 1967
  • Actor
Irene Wan Bik-ha is a Hong Kong film actress. She was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in Lonely Fifteen. She gained notice for her beauty and remarkable performance in Everlasting Love, co-starring with Andy Lau and Loletta ...

Irene Wan Stats


: Wan Bik-Ha, Pik-Ha Wan, Bixia Wen, Bixia Wun


: Actor


: China

Date of Birth

: 1967-01-31

Place of Birth

: Hong Kong

Irene Wan Film Roles

  1. All of a Sudden
    All of a Sudden
  2. The Tigers
    The Tigers
  3. Rouge
  4. Love unto Waste
    Billie Yuen Bui-Yee
  5. Exodus
  6. Point of No Return
  7. Fatal Vacation
  8. Possessed
  9. Circus Kid
  10. Lonely Fifteen
Irene Wan