Ice Cube

Born Jun 15, 1969
Net Worth
$140 Million
O'Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969) better known by his stage name, Ice Cube, is an American rapper, actor and film director. Regarded as one of the greatest hip hop artists, he began his career as a founding member of the famously controversial rap group N.W.A., and later launched a successful solo...
Ice Cube

Ice Cube Stats


: O'Shea Jackson, Cube


: 5 ft 7 in (1.727 m)


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: June 15, 1969

Place of Birth

: South Los Angeles

Ice Cube Film Roles

  1. Up In Smoke Tour
  2. Boyz n the Hood
    Boyz n the Hood
  3. Anaconda
    Danny Rich
  4. Friday
    Craig Jones
  5. Barbershop 2: Back in Business
    Calvin Palmer
  6. Ghosts of Mars
    Desolation Williams
  7. XXX: State of the Union
    Darius Stone
  8. First Sunday
    First Sunday
  9. Are We There Yet
    Nick Persons
  10. Three Kings
    Chief Elgin
    Three Kings

Ice Cube Film Director

  1. The Players Club
  2. Straight Outta L.A.

Ice Cube Film Producer

  1. Friday After Next
    Friday After Next
  2. Next Friday
  3. Are We Done Yet?
  4. First Sunday
    First Sunday
  5. All About the Benjamins
  6. Are We There Yet
  7. The Longshots
    The Longshots
  8. The Players Club
  9. Beauty Shop
  10. Janky Promoters

Ice Cube Film Executive Producer

  1. Lottery Ticket
  2. Barbershop 2: Back in Business
  3. Friday

Ice Cube Film Appearances

  1. Street Bangaz
  2. Donnie's Story: The Life of Donald Goines
  3. Number One with a Bullet
  4. Hip Hop Story: Tha Movie
    Hip Hop Story: Tha Movie
  5. Ice Cube: The Making of a Don
  6. Hip Hop Story 3: Coast to Coast
  7. Straight Outta L.A.
  8. The Katt Phenomenon
  9. The Enduring Significance of Boyz n the Hood
  10. The N.W.A. Legacy: The Video Collection

Ice Cube TV Starring Roles

  1. Grandmaster Freak & the Furious 15

Ice Cube TV Guest Roles

  1. Mark Consuelos is guest co-hosting, a fitness challenge, there are apperances by Ice Cube and Kirk Franklin,
  2. 9/27/1999
  3. Ice Cube, Scanners
  4. Show 22 - Final episode of the series
  5. Ice Cube, Amy Carlson, Bowling for Soup
  6. Aaron Buerge, Ice Cube, Matchbox Twenty
  7. Show #2305
  8. 9/13/2002
  9. Ice Cube, Elantu B. Veovode, Nine Black Alps
  10. 1/12/2000

Ice Cube Albums

  1. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
  2. Kill at Will
  3. Death Certificate
  4. The Predator
  5. Lethal Injection
  6. Bootlegs & B-Sides
  7. Featuring...Ice Cube
  8. War & Peace, Volume 1 (The War Disc)
  9. War & Peace, Volume 2 (The Peace Disc)
    War & Peace, Volume 2 (The Peace Disc)
  10. Greatest Hits
    Greatest Hits